The essence of the image in aquarelle technique is in the light, reflected by paper, and passing through the transparent layers of colors. The paintings were created by Grigori Grabovoi in such a manner, that he used his clairvoyance in the sphere of simultaneous perception of the reflected light and the light of eternal reality. Therefore, he has chosen the plots with the images, containing dynamic eternity, which turns into the substance which becomes one with the person perceiving it by looking at the image. Here Grigori Grabovoi recommends a long-duration viewing of the images that particularly stand out for you and attract special eternal attention. The simplicity of the watercolour technique, when you just need to be able to correlate between the quantity of water and color at the brush and paper, simultaneously allows the understanding the universal harmony, directed at the reproduction of the beauty of action. The inner beauty of the world is the source of its perceivable eternity. The aquarelle technique is easy as no efforts are seen in this art. The eternal life may be easily reached, it is necessary to start treating it like a process, which is similar with arts in some cases. Such perception can be learnt by looking at the works of Grigori Grabovoi “Manifestations of eternity”. It is essential that the place of location of the eternity, manifested in the physical space, is fixed through Grigori Grabovoi’s clairvoyance with the help of graphic arts. Using the controlled clairvoyance, Grigori Grabovoi created the elements of images, each of which secures the events of eternal life without their fixation at a certain place, but only by means of thinking.